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Image of a mass grave in Khan Yunis was published with the claim that its in Africa

Social media pages published a photo of the burial of bodies from Gaza with the claim that it is from Africa, “The second photo is from African countries. You can easily notice that Africans are burying their people.”

Kashif confirms that the claim is misleading and that the image is originally from Gaza. Videos from the burial site were shared and published by several journalists, including Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in Gaza, Wael Al-Dahdouh, and Gazan journalist Hassan Isleeh.

111 Palestinians have been buried in a mass grave in Khan Younis south of the Gaza Strip on 22 November 2023 after the Israeli army dragged their corpses from Al-Shifa hospital.

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الجزيرة – فلسطين 



Noor Dahri – نور ڈاہری 

Adedayo Victor
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