Accounts on”X” posted a video showing a medical team attempting to resuscitate a fetus from the Gaza Strip. The accounts claimed that the fetus was a silicone doll. This claim spread as part of efforts to cast doubt on the existence of killed and wounded Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and to accuse Palestinians of faking their death.

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Kashif investigated the claim and found it to be misleading. The video in question was filmed by Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail Al-Ghoul, who posted it on his Instagram account on 10 June 2024, with the following caption: “A fetus, a victim of the Israeli targeting of a house in Old Gaza.”

Al-Ghoul also posted a series of photos of the fetus’s body on his account on “X” on the same day, captioned: “This is the body of the fetus Malak Hossam Hassanein. A Caesarean section was performed on her mother, but both her and her mother died. These are the targets of the occupation.”

Kashif contacted Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail Al-Ghoul, confirmed that the fetus, Malak, was killed along her mother during a Caesarean section after being transferred to the Arab Ahli Baptist Hospital due to the Israeli bombing of the house where the fetus’s family had sought refuge in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, specifically in the Al-Sorani building.

Al-Ghoul added that the fetus’s mother is from the Badawi family and her father from the Hassanein family. He added that the bombing occurred on Sunday, 9 June 2024, at around 11 PM, and the fetus was pronounced dead at 11:21 PM.

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Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail Al-Ghoul


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