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Comment posted on video of Israeli hostages handover is by satire account in Netanyahu’s name

‏Social media pages posted a screenshot of a page in the name of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which it shows that he wrote a comment on the video of Hamas’s handover of Israeli hostages that says, “Why are they friendly with each other, what’s going on?” Referring to the Israeli hostages waving in farewell and smiling before handing them over to the Red Cross.

‏Kashif verified the claim and found it to be fabricated.
‏ The page named after Netanyahu on “X” is a satirical page according to the description in its bio, “A satirical account of the terrorist Bibi Netanyahu.”
‏Kashif also searched for Netanyahu’s original Twitter account, which wrote in his description: “The Prime Minister and the Head of the Likud Party.”
‏The last post by his verified account was an interview in which he talks about the latest developments of the war waged by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip.

‏Its worth mentioning that Hamas and the Israeli occupation agreed on a four-day ceasefire, which began at seven o’clock in the morning on Friday, 24 November 2023. Hamas released 39 Israeli detainees in Gaza, while the Israeli occupation released 117 Palestinian prisoners of women and children.

Source of VerificationSource of Claim
Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו


France 24

Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו parody



Zainab Hamarsheh زينب حمارشة 

Ahmad Assedeh
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