Accounts on “X” posted a video showing a journalist holding a camera and trying to document the suffering of a group of people. The video was accompanied by the following claim: “Hollywood, watch out. Pallywood is on its way,” implying that the video shows Palestinians faking scenes in Gaza.

one of the claims

Kashif verified the video and found it to be old and the claim misleading. Upon examining the video, Kashif team noticed the presence of a Jordanian influencer named Mohammad Nabil (wearing journalist attire). By searching his Instagram account, Kashif found that the video is from (Press) the film, published by Nabil on 27.12.2023 titled “Those names that took the cause upon themselves and faced the occupation. (With a pen, with a word, with a news broadcast, with a camera lens).”

The video includes a series of shots that simulate the reality of journalists in Gaza, accompanied by a voice-over of a text written by journalist Moataz Azaiza. The text published on Al-Ghad’s website was taken from Moataz’s Instagram account.

The script published by Alghad from Moataz Azaiza account on Instagram

Since the Israeli occupation’s aggression was launched on Gaza, a large number of Arab influencers have produced videos in solidarity that simulate the suffering of the people in Gaza during the aggression.

Source of verificationSource of claim


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