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Real video of a killed infant in Gaza circulates claiming it’s of a doll

A video of a murdered infant from the Gaza Strip was published with a claim it’s a doll and the Palestinian faking death. The claim was spread along the #Pallywood social media campaign which casts doubt on the existence and number of Palestinians killed and wounded in the Israeli shelling and aggression on Gaza, and accuses Palestinians of faking death in order to gain international sympathy.

Kashif verified the claim and found it to be misleading. The viral videos are of the infant Mohammad Al-Zahar who was killed in an Israeli occupation’s bombing on his family’s home in Al-Maghraqa area north of Al-Nusairat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip just after the ceasefire ended and the Israeli aggression resumed.

The infants grandfather stated that his daughter was breastfeeding her child, who was in good health condition and didn’t suffer any kind of health issues, when they were targeted by Israeli occupation’s bombing which led them to flee and transfer the infant to Al-Awda hospital in which retransferred Mohammad to Al-Aqsa hospital where he was confirmed dead (killed). Multiple media outlets and journalists covered Mohammad’s farwell

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