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Real video of a grandfather kissing his killed granddaughter in Gaza is re-published with the claim that the child is a doll

Leonskee, an account on X, shared a viral video of a grandfather kissing his granddaughter goodbye who was killed by the Israeli aggression waged on Gaza, with the following claim, “SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE FALLING FOR THIS #PALLYWOOD B*LLSHIT!!! Can’t you tell the difference between a doll and a real human??? Look at her hands, look at her feet when he puts her in the nylon! Why did she die??? She looks perfectly fine.”

The claim was widely shared within the “Pallywood” campaign which casts doubt on the number and existence of Palestinians killed and wounded in Gaza by the Israeli army, and accuses Palestinians of faking death in order to gain international sympathy.

Kashif verified the video and found it to be true but the claim was misleading, it also found that the man seen in the video is Khalid Nabhan, and the girl he is holding and hugging is his grandkid Reem, who was killed along her brother Tariq in an Israeli shelling on the grandfather’s house.

The grandfather, Nabhan, was interviewed multiple times by different media outlets and social media activists in which he tells the details of Reem and Tariq’s killing.

Different media outlets and activists in Gaza published videos and photos of Reem before her killing.

The claim which points that Reem is a doll not a human comes in the aftermath of an unprecedented engagement and solidarity with her grandfather from Arab and Western audiences.

Source of verification Source of claim
قناة الحدث Al Hadath 

عربي TRT 
الجزيرة – مصر – Al-Jazeera



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