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Old and misleading video republished as one of Israeli army’s chief of staff getting beaten

A video posted on social media of a soldier beating a person with a tattoo of the swastika on his arm, was published along an image of the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Herzi Halevi, with the claim that the one who was beaten in the video is the leader of the ground campaign on Gaza.

‏The Kashif Observatory verified the authenticity of the video and found that it was old and that the claim is misleading. Using the reverse search feature and research in public sources Kashif confirmed that the video was published on 4 February 2023 by the account “Fuerzas especiales de México ejercito y armada de México” on Facebook titled: “Something that is happening in Russia .. The context is that a Ukrainian soldier has a Nazi tattoo, what do you think?”

‏ “What the media hides” published on X on 3 February 2023 the video with the caption “I know that Ukrainians are doing much worse, it’s just a few slaps, but I always get angry when I see unarmed prisoners of war being harmed, even if they are covered with Nazi tattoos.”

Source of verification Source of claim
Fuerzas especiales de México ejercito y armada de México

What the media hides


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