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Video from a pro-Palestine protest in Turkey shared as Gazans destroy aid products that support Israel

Social media pages and accounts posted a video claiming it’s of youth from Gaza destroying aid with products of countries supporting Israel.

Kashif was able to verify that the video is real but the claim is misleading. The video was published on 24 October 2023 by Turkish “tamgaturk”, with the indication that it was captured during a demonstration in support of Palestine, a group of young men is seen carrying Palestinian flags and throwing a “cola” drink on the ground, as an expression of the boycott of products supporting Israel. The video was also published by the Turkish channel Odatv4 in the same context.

Journalist Mohammed Awad from Gaza confirmed that this video was not filmed in the Gaza Strip or that the incident took place there.

While the World Food Program denied to Kashif the presence of cola products in the food aid it provides to the Gaza Strip. It explained that the aid contains emergency food items such as canned food, dates biscuits, bread, food baskets containing flour, oil, pasta, and vouchers from still-running groceries that have products.

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Gazan field journalist, Mohammed Awad

Abo Omar


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