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Misleading video published by Israeli platforms claiming that Hamas teaches children to fake death

A video clip of a child lying on the ground, with a camera and people directing him to perform certain movements, was widely circulating on Israeli accounts and pages, claiming that it was showing Hamas training children to fake death or injury as a result of the occupation army’s raids on the Gaza Strip.

The Claim: Hamas teaches children how to fake death

The Correction: Behind-the-scenes footage of “Ahmad Manasra film” by director Awni Shtawi

Kashif was able to verify that the video clip is incorrect through the reserve image search tool, confirming that the clip is taken from behind the scenes of the movie “Ahmad Manasrah” by director Awni Shtawi.

Kashif contacted Shtawi who confirmed that the clip is a behind the scenes footage of his movie “Ahmad Manasrah” 2021, showing the actor kid embodying minor Ahmad Manasrah who was shot by the Israeli army and arrested, and still is in Israeli prisons.

Source of verification Source of claim
the film director, Awni Shtawi
Empty Film | فيلم محل فاضي

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