Israeli journalist Eddie Cohen recently published a video of two people wearing cinematic makeup with the following claim: “A special crew making preparations in Rafah to publish scenes of the dead, Gaza is just a big theater.”

Kashif verified the video and found it to be old and the claim misleading. The video is from behind the scenes of the Palestinian series “Nazeef Al-Turab”, which aired last Ramadan on the “Al-Arabi 2” channel on YouTube.

Kashif team found the original scene from the series, minutes: 21:30 to 23:19 of the second episode, which aired on 12 March 2024.

Kashif also contacted Razan Khader, assistant director in the series, who confirmed that the circulating scene shows three young Palestinians, Bilal, Wazzah and Munther, wanted by Israel hiding in the cemetery of the town of Tel Al-Sabr (finctional).

Khader added that the material that appears on the faces of the two young men is a cinematic makeup developed to serve a bombing scene that results in the killing of two characters in the series.

“Nazeef Al-Turab” is a Palestinian drama series filmed in the West Bank. The series highlights the reality of the Palestinian countryside and emimics the scene that the West Bank is recently experiencing from the expansion of settlement, settler attacks and the incursions of the Israeli occupation army and their intersupersion of Palestinians and their arrest and their homes.

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Razan Khader, assistant director in the TORT series
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