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Real video of journalist Mahmoud Abu Salameh wearing his protective mask surrounded by smoke and dust n Jabalia reshared as fake

Israeli accounts and Telegram groups posted a video of a journalist wearing a protective mask claim that the journalist is faking the situation. The claim was circulated as as part of a campaign the “Pallywood” campaign which casts doubt on the existence and number of Palestinian killed and wounded in the Gaza Strip and accuses Palestinians of acting in order to gain international sympathy.

Kashif verified the authenticity of the video and found it to be true and that the claim is misleading. Journalist Mahmoud Abu Salama published the video on his Instagram account on Friday, 8 December 2023, with the following caption: “Catastrophic War Now in the Heart of Jabalia Camp”.

Abu Salama, who is in Jabalia, explained through the video he published that the Jabalia camp was subjected to continuous hours of Israeli occupation shelling and attacked by gas bombs, and added that children, women and those with breathing problems are suffering due to these bombs with the absence of ambulance. Bombs can also be heard in the video.

In the same context, journalist Anas Al-Sharif, who is in the northern Gaza Strip and Jabalia camp, also published a video from Jabalia camp on Friday showing a school that turned to a shelter while thick smoke from bombs can be seen around and then later fired at the school by the Israeli occupation forces.

Al-Sharif also explained that the Israeli occupation army fired a large number of smoke and phosphorus shells at shelter schools in Jabaliya camp.

In addition, Al-Jazeera on Friday published a 6:21-minute video during which journalist Anas Al-Sharif monitored the Israeli occupation forces firing smoke and gas bombs on shelter schools and the attempt of displaced people in schools to remove these bombs. Al-Sharif reported that many displaced people suffered from tear gas inhalation.

Al-Ghad correspondent confirmed that the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip was subjected to artillery shelling and the firing of dozens of smoke bombs and white phosphorus.

UNRWA documented in a report issued on Friday the killing of 273 Palestinians and the wounding of 966 others variously inside its shelter centers in various areas of the Gaza Strip due to the direct targeting of them by Israeli occupation aircraft.

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