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Clarification on “A house on the beach is not a dream” post

Harei Zahav published a post about building settlements on Gaza beaches. The post stated: “A beach house on the beach isn’t a dream! We at Harei Zahav Company are preparing the ground for the return to Gush Katif. Our staff are working on the best lands, to evacuate the invaders and clean up the rubble. We hope that our soldiers will return home soon to resume work.”

Kashif clarifies that this announcement is not an official announcement by the Israeli government. The government has not announced any settlement projects in Gaza.

Israeli right-wingers are promoting settlement building in Gaza. The project is being proposed by the Harei Zahav Company, a settlement company founded in 2007 that builds settlements in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Jordan Valley.

In 2015, Gush Katif, a group of 17 Israeli settlements in the southern Gaza Strip, was evacuated.




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