A video was recently published on X of a camera crew inside a hospital, with the following claim: “Next time you see any Pallywood scene in the hospital, remember this…. It’s not a hospital,” it read, referring to Palestinians in Gaza falsifying videos they share from hospitals.

‏The claim comes as part of the Pallywood campaign, which questions the number and existence of actual killed and wounded Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and accuses them of acting in order to gain international sympathy.

‏Kashif verified the the video and found it to be old and the claim misleading. The video is from the scenes of the Palestinian series “Nazeef al-Turab”, which aired last Ramadan on l “Al-Arabi 2” YouTube channel.

‏Kashif’s team found the original scene from the series, minutes 13:09 to 17:2, episode 19, which was posted on “Al-Arabi 2” channel on 29 March 2024.

Razan Khader, assistant director in the series, confirmed to Akashi’s that the video is behind the scenes of the series “Nazeef al-Turab” and was filmed on 21 February 2024 at Al-Najah Hospital Clinic in Nablus.

‏Khader added that the woman who appears in the video is actress Mays Abu Sa’a, who played “Umm Askar” character while visiting the “Umm Bilal” character, whose role was played by actress Munira Azriqi, where “Umm Bilal” was in the hospital after the occupation prevented her from traveling to perform Hajj rituals.

“Nazeef al-Turab” is a Palestinian drama series filmed in the West Bank. The series highlights the reality of the Palestinian countryside and emimics the scene that the West Bank is recently experiencing from the expansion of settlement, settler attacks and the incursions of the occupation army and their intersupersion of Palestinians and their arrest and their homes.

‏Kashif team notes that this is the third verification it produced about the scenes and the series circulated by accounts on social media platforms in the context of accusing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip of forgerfeiting.

Note: This piece was updated by adding pictures and hyperlinks for the sources of claim and verification throughout the text.

Note: This piece was updated by adding pictures and hyperlinks for the sources of claim and verification throughout the text.

Source of verificationSource of claim
العربي 2

رزان خضر مساعدة مخرج في مسلسل نزيف التراب

العربي الجديد
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