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An old video of journalists beside missiles from Syria is re-published in a misleading context to justify the targeting of Palestinian journalists

A video of two journalists standing next to a rocket launcher went viral with the following headline: “When someone will ask you, why Israel eliminate the 2 journalist, use this vid”. The caption was used to justify targeting the Palestinian journalists by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Kashif verified the video’s authenticity and found it was old and from Syria. The Syrian journalist Jamil Al-Hassan published the video on his account of “X” on 7.10.2023 with the caption: “In revenge for the blood of our children, in revenge for our families, in response to the criminals, our fictions are targeting Al-Qardaha.”

According to the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, 54 Palestinian journalists, have been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7 due to Israeli Strikes.

Source of verification Source of claim
Account of Syrian Journalist
Jamil Al-Hassan

Palestinian Journalists Syndicate






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