“CapeBretonHighlander” account on X, formerly Twitter, posted a video of an injured man crawling on the ground during the Israeli occupation forces storming the city of Dora, claiming that it is an act and not real. This comes as part of the “Pallywood” campaign that accuses Palestinians of faking their death and injury.

Kashif verified the claim and found it was misleading, Mamdouh Ismail Al-Darabee, the young man who appears in the video, denied the claim and explained to Kashif that on 15 January 2024, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the city and while he was in the area near his cousin’s pharmacy, the Israeli occupation forces fired live bullets towards him and hit him in the groin.

Al-Darabee added that he crawled on the ground to move away from the army near him but they assaulted and beat him while he was crawling, until the ambulance reached him and took him to Dura Governmental Hospital. He underwent an operation, his condition is stable now.

Journalist Montasser Nassar from the city of Dura, told Kashif that on Monday, 15 January, confrontations broke out in the city when Israeli forces stormed it and closed all entrances for two hours. The storming led to the killing of two Palestinians, a young woman, Ahed Amtair, and a young man, Mohammed Abu Saba, while seven others were injured, two of them serious.

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