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Video of Israeli activist reposted as a traumatised soldier after invading Gaza

Social media accounts shared a video of man who appears to hold a toy weapon and wear unfamiliar clothing, captioned: “ One of the victims of Hamas! An Israeli soldiers was traumatised after he went to Gaza, and suffered symptoms of severe psychological trauma, this is what he is doing now in the streets “.of Tel Aviv, wishing to see Netanyahu like this soon

Kashif verified video and claim and found them misleading, the video is of 39-year-old Israeli activist on social media “Dave Spektor”, who identifies himself as “Doctor for laughter” and posted the video clip in circulation on his Instagram account on 27 October 2023.

“Spektor” started his Tiktok account over a year ago and publishes bold and strange videos, like a video of him covering his body with feathers and climbing on a bus and carrying out strange movements.

The Israeli occupation army launched a ground operation on the Gaza Strip on 27 October 2023, the same date on which “Dave Spektor” published the video circulating on his account.

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