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Video circulates of the rescue of a baby girl from Gaza, claiming that she remained under the rubble more than one month

A video circulated showing members of the Civil Defense removing an infant from under the rubble, with the title, “VIDEO: Baby born on the first days of Gaza war rescued alive from rubble of bombed house after 37 days”.

Kashif verified this information and found it to be inaccurate, as the girl remained under the rubble for three hours, not a month, according to Gazan citizen Noah Al-Shaghnoubi, one of the rescue personnel who participated in retrieving the baby.

Al-Shaghnoubi explained in a post on his Instagram (@nooh.xp) that the baby was rescued on the seventh day of the war and that she was the firstborn child of her parents who were killed in the bombing.

He published a video of the baby’s rescue and a photo of her with civil defense men, commenting on it: “She was born in the war, less than a month old, first child to her mother and father, who were killed. She was born again when she emerged from the rubble after everyone said she was dead. She held on to us with some hope, and after three hours of work, she was carefully removed.” By God’s grace, its name is (peace) and what peace.”

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