Israeli accounts published a video in which Mohammed Nazal, a Palestinian prisoner who was released in the hostage exchange between Hamas and Israel, appears moving from the “Busta” bus – intended to transport Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons – to the Red Cross bus wearing gray prison uniform with the following caption, “Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Nazal claimed that the members of the prison administration broke his hands, look at his hands when he boarded the Red Cross bus.”

Nazzal appears in the video without any bandages on his hands, while his hands were wrapped in them when he got off the Red Cross bus and gave press interviews in which he said that the prison administration violently beat him and that he felt severe pain in his hands and did not receive any treatment before his release.

Kashif confirms that the circulating video of Nazzal is not contrary to his statement of being beaten, as he confirmed in his interview that the Israeli prison administration did not provide him with any medical assistance, which clears why he appears in the video without any bandages. Nazzal assured Kashif that when he arrived at the Red Cross he told them he was in pain and they wrapped his hands.

Kashif contacted the Red Cross spokeswoman Hind Khalifa, who confirmed that the Red Cross does not give information about the health status of prisoners individually, whether from the Palestinian or Israeli side. But she confirmed the presence of medical staff during the release of prisoners in recent days.

Moataz Nazzal, brother of Mohammed, provided Kashif with a medical report issued by the Palestine Medical Complex, which can be found in this article.

The report confirms that he suffers from fractures and bruises in both hands and fractures in the head as a result of being beaten by Israeli soldiers in prison.

Kashif was also provided with images of the x-rays of Nazzal’s hands, in which the fractures clearly can be seen.

In his statement to Kashif, Nazal stated, “They [israeli prison guards] entered the prisoner sections and assaulted us, I tried to defend myself, but the jailer kept beating me until he left the section. I was beaten without being offered any treatment. When the Red Cross bus arrived, I told them I had a pain in my hand and they wrapped them. When I arrived at the Ramallah Medical Complex, they gave me an initial treatment, and at Jenin Governmental Hospital, they wrapped splints on my hands and told me to plant two platins in both of them tomorrow.”

Freed prisoner Mohammed Nazal was released at dawn on Tuesday, 28 November 2023, as part of the fourth group of the exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, which included a ceasefire that began at 7 a.m. on Friday, 24 November 202023. Hamas released 62 Israeli detainees in Gaza, while the Israeli government released 177 Palestinian prisoners of women and children.

Source of verificationSource of claim
– صورة الأشعة X-ray

– التقرير الطبي– medical report

– معتز نزال شقيق الأسير المحرر محمد نزال
– his brother Moataz Nazzal

 الأناضول – Anadoul Agency

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