Accounts on social media posted a video showing a mother checking on her injured son, who is seen removing the bandage from his wound. The claim was that the son told his mother it was just a staged scene. The accusation circulated within the “Pallywood” campaign, casting doubt on the existence and number of martyrs and wounded Palestinians in Gaza, accusing Palestinians of staging events to gain international sympathy.

Kashif investigated the claim and found it to be misleading. The young man did not tell his mother that his head was bandaged just for the sake of filming; rather, he reassured her that he was fine. Other young men also confirmed to her that he was okay.

Kashif reached out to the video’s creator, journalist Mohammed Awad, who denied the claim’s validity. He affirmed that he filmed it Monday morning, stating, “I was standing at the entrance of Nasser Medical Hospital when this lady came screaming, so I followed her. Her son was injured in the head area, and they took him to the intensive care unit. She thought he had been martyred. They were simply assuring her in the video that her son was fine. Even the injured young man sat down and removed the bandage from his head to tell her that he was okay.”

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