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Photo for camp for displaced Israelis is fabricated

A widely shared photo on social media claims the establishment of “the first camp for the displaced Israelis.”

The claim: Israel established the first camp for its displaced zionists on Palestinian land

The Correction: The photo is not real and fabricated.

Kashif verified that the photo is fabricated, and this is shown in the distortions in the image, including the consistency of the Star of David on the first flag despite the meandering, the presence of two stars on the far left flag, distortions in the background of the image, and distortion in the figure of a man wearing a red uniform.

Settlers from the evacuated illegal settlements in the north and the Gaza envelope have been moved to hotels paid by the Israeli occupation state, in addition to initiatives by institutions and volunteers to host them in empty apartments or in their personal homes.

Israel Hayom newspaper reported that the mayor proposed to submit a plan for the government to establish a tent city for the displaced, which would be built on an area of about 150 dunums near the entrance to the city of Eilat after hotel rooms in the city were filled with settlers displaced from the Gaza envelope.

Source of verification source of claim

القناة ١٤ – Israeli Channel 14

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