A video clip showing the targeting of soldiers by a military tank was widely shared with the following claim: “A legendary scene from the cameras of one of the occupation soldiers in the #Karm_Abu Salem base and how they were hit by the shells of the guardians of God that fell directly on their heads in Karm Abu Salem, the number of deaths and wounded is greater than what was leaked #Al-Nasr_Al-Wahda_ #Gaza_vic.

Kashif verified the video and found it to be outdated and misleading. The video spread on several Russian accounts and sites, including @CaliJournalism account on X on 11 April 2022, with the following caption: “Graphic Death, a video recorded by a civilian is said to show the killing of 11 Ukrainian soldiers after a crew of a Russian T-72B3 tank shot them at close range. Ukrainian soldiers mistakenly thought the tank belonged to them, so they didn’t leave when it approached them.”

On Sunday, Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades shared a video of the targeting of Israeli occupation soldiers inside the Karm Abu Salem military site east of the city of Rafah with a Rajum missile line via its telegram channel.

The Israeli army announced the killing of four of its soldiers and the injury of 12 others, in the Karm Abu Salem targeting.

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