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Image of child suffering malnutrition from Yemen republished as from Gaza

Accounts on X, formerly Twitter, shared an image of a malnourished child with the following caption: “Gaza is dying of hunger, O Muslims,” implying that the image is from the Gaza Strip.

Kashif verified the claim and found it to be misleading, the image is originally from from Yemen, and was published by Reuters on 4 January 2021, featuring 7-year-old Yemeni child Fayad Sameem who suffers malnutrition and cerebral palsy at the Seventy Hospital in Sanaa.

The image was taken by photographer Khaled Abdullah on 28 December 2020.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced the death of a two-month-old girl and a 20-year-old woman due to malnutrition, bringing the toll of malnutrition and drought-related deaths in Gaza to 25.

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وزارة الصحة الفلسطينية في غزة
Hamad Alnajjar


Mücahit (el-intifâda)

Adnan Üstün

İbrahim Çelem

Ahmet Kartal

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