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an old clip from food advertisement republished as a video of Gazans faking injuries

A widely circulated video of young men pouring red liquid on a man on the ground and some more on his face claims to be of Gazan young men faking injuries during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

The claim: Video shows Gazan young men faking injuries.

The correction: the video is old, published on 13 August 2023, titled “Behind the scenes of filming Zombie Dz”.

The claim was shared and published along the hashtag “Pollywood” which casts doubt on the number of Palestinians killed and injured during the war on Gaza and accuses Palestinians of acting to gain international sympathy.
Kashif was able to verify the authenticity of the clip, and found that the video is old, and published by director Tamer Siud “directeur.tamer” on TikTok on 13 August 2023. The observatory found a series of similar videos titled “Behind the scenes of filming Zombie Dz”.

Kashif contacted director Tamer Sayoud, who denied the allegation attributed to the video and confirmed that the video is part of an advertisement for a food product, and the video has been published on his accounts since August.

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The director Tamer Syoud




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