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Videos of two different children wearing the same shirt reshared as a child faking injury

Two videos of two children from the Gaza Strip wearing shirts of the Saudi Al-Nasr Football Club were shared with the following caption: “Funny how exactly the boy who serves those journalists who distribute #Pallywood gets to show in a video in which he is lying on a hospital bed, “injured” without injuries, his clothes even the same clothes still, “torn” but there is not even a scratch on his body.”

Kashif verified the two video clips and found that both are real and that the claim was misleading, as they were photographed by journalist Mohammed Al-Shaer, who published the first video of the child bringing tea to journalists via his Instagram account on 16 October 2023 with the following caption: “A child who supports journalists, brings them “Barrad” tea every day at one of the journalists’ action points that does not stop in light of the events in Gaza.”

As for the second video of the injured child, it was published by Alshaer on 17 October 2023 titled: “Children of Gaza!”

The video was captioned with the following text: “A Palestinian child wearing Saudi football team Al-Nasr t-shirt, suffers after being injured by the occupation’s bombing of their home.”

Kashif contacted Alshaer who denied the claim, asserting that the two videos are of two different children. He added that the first child is Maysara Al-Hindi, and the second child was injured in an Israeli strike the day after the first video.

Kashif team was able to obtain a video clip taken from a close angel of the injured child and compared the video to the first one bringing tea to journalists, verifying that there are no similarities between the two children, as shown in the screenshots below, but they both wore the Saudi Al-Nasr Club.

The Israeli occupation aggression on the Gaza Strip has killed over 31,000, and wounded more than 72,000 since October 7, according to the latest update by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

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