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Video showing destruction by a cyclone in Mexico spreads with claim to be from Tel Aviv

A high-angle video was widely shared on social media showing great destruction with the claim, “The video you’re watching is of Tel Aviv, this is God’s doing, destroying them, Israel is paying millions and trillions for these videos not to be shared.”

Kashif found that the video was old and the claim to be incorrect. The video was published on TikTok by user @__northx on 28 October 2023, with the following caption, “Total destruction shown by helicopter footage in Acapulco Mexico after Hurricane Otis hit the state on 25 October 2023”

Journalist Mario Noval shared the same video on his verified account on X, formerly known as Twitter, on 28 October 2023, with the following caption, “This is not Gaza. While the world’s attention is focused on the Gaza war, Hurricane Otis killed 27 people in Acapulco, Mexico.”

The Mexican authorities said that the death toll of the hurricane that hit the tourist resort of Acapulco in the southwestern country rose to 48 dead and 36 missing.

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