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Video of TikTok user circulates as an Israeli soldier who withdrew from Gaza

Social media accounts shared a video captioned: “An Israeli soldier withdrew from the Gaza Strip and sent a message to the Jews about the reality of the soldiers and army in Gaza.” “The man in the video said that Hamas killed 3000 Israeli soldiers so far and wounded over 11,000, and destroyed hundreds of tanks, vehicle٣s, and trucks. He added that Hamas are a group of men strolling in Adidas sweatpants, claiming that media outlets do not broadcast these videos, however individuals in Israel have evidence, their sons and daughters return to them in boxes.”

Kashif verified the video and found it to be misleading. The person seen in the video is called “Chris Josh”, an activisy on TikTok, not an Israeli soldier. The video was published on 21 November 2023 on TikTok with the following caption: “Middle East Conflict” where he talked about Gaza and Israel without providing sources. Josh uses his TikTok to publish videos concerning different topics.

Source of VerificationSource of Claim
Chris Joshfajer.the_dawn

Nazek Alasfoor

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