An X account by the username “Asher Biton” shared a video of Gazan children trying to get food in the Gaza Strip with the claim it’s an acting scene and not real, this comes as a part of the “Pallywood” campaign that accuses Palestinians of faking their injuries and deaths.

Kashif verified the video and found it to be real however, the claim to be misleading. Photojournalist, Hosam Shbat, explained to Kashif that the video was taken on 15 January 2024 during the distribution of food to displaced Palestinians in Abu Zeitoun area, Jabalia camp.

Thousands of Palestinians were waiting for their turn to get the food, which was not enough for everyone. The video shows a partial reality of the suffering of displaced people due to the lack of food and the difficult living conditions.

Shbat also posted the same video on his instagram account, hossam_shbat on 22 January 2024 with the following caption: “The video was made 5 days ago, before the hospice stopped, I didn’t want to publish it but unfortunately now is the time.”

Kashif also reached out to the Director of Supply and Logistics Support at the Palestinian Red Crescent in the Ghar Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Abu Atta, who explained that the Israeli occupation prevents aid entry to areas in the northern Gaza Strip (where the video was shot) and Gaza city without coordination and if so, it enters in very small amounts. Abu Atta added that the Palestinian Red Crescent crews received on Monday, 29 January 2024, 102 aid trucks through the Karem Salem crossing and 78 aid trucks through the Rafah land crossing, and these trucks are intended for both Rafah and middle areas.

Prior to October 7, over 500 trucks entered the Gaza Strip daily through the Karem Salem crossing and the Rafah crossing, according to Abu Atta.

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الصحفي حسام شبات

hossam_shbat الفيديو الاصلي

محمود أبو عطا ( مدير الامداد والدعم اللوجستي في الهلال الأحمر الفلسطيني في قطاع غرة)
Asher Biton

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