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Video from the march of return 2018 republished as a part of the “Pallywood”

A video of a group of worshipers, including a young man who stopped praying and asked people to help him, was shared with the following caption “And . . . . action #pallywood”, as part of the social media “Pallywood” campaign which casts doubt on the existence and number of Palestinians killed and injured by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.

Kashif verified the video and found that it was old and misleading. Videographer Adly Abu Taha confirmed to Kashif that the video is from the march of return in Gaza in 2018. He added that the Israeli occupation forces shot indiscriminately, injuring the young man in the foot.

The march of return started in 2018 in the Gaza Strip and lasted for two years, at the time the Israeli occupation army suppressed demonstrators with gunfire and gas canisters, killing and injuring hundreds of citizens.

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