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Video circulates with the claim Israeli army is burying Hamas in the tunnels

Israeli-Hebrew pages on social media posted a video captioned: “Another way by the Israeli army to bury terrorists in tunnels”.

Kashif verified the video and found it to be old. The video was posted on “Interesting Engineering” YouTube channel on 3 September 2023 with the title: “Device That Removes Old Tile Layer with Ease”.

International media outlets reported that the Israeli army launched an operation of pumping sea-water into Hamas’s tunnels complex in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army refused to comments on the news, and said that it has different techniques for the tunnels.

Source of VerificationSource of Claim

Interesting Engineering – الفيديو الأصلي

RT Arabic

The Wall Street Journal

وكالة الأناضول
Alexandre Rifai אלכסנדר ריפאי

Mossad Commentary

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Neer Sharma

Sheikh Ghufran

Ingabe 𝕏


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