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Photo circulating of injured correspondent Hanaa Mahamed is from 2015

A photo of Al-Mayadah correspondent Hanaa Mahamed was shared on social media on Monday after an incident with the comment: “Journalist Hanaa Mahamed returns to the screen after being targeted in the face by an Israeli grenade in East Jerusalem. Was Hamas hiding in her face??”

Kashif Observatory verified that the photo is old and it was from 4 October 2015 when Mahamed was hit with a sound bomb in her face while covering the storming of the Israeli occupation forces of the house of the martyr Fadi Alloun in Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem.

Regarding Monday’s incident, Mahameed explained that what happened to her was an attempt to lure on and assault her by 5 Israeli journalists, including the journalist from Channel 12, Haim Itgar, to a post branch in the city of Kfar Saba to question her work in Al-Mayadeen and threaten her.

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