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Old video of Israeli soldiers firing a sponge bullet at a young Palestinian man circulates as part of “Pallywood campaign”

X account, “Uri Israel”, posted a video of a young man falling to the ground after being hit by a bullet, with the following caption: “When you shoot people in their backs, they don’t fall back.” The video was shared widely as part of the “Pallywood” campaign, which casts doubt on the existence and number of Palestinian killed and wounded during the Israeli aggression on Gaza which started on 7 October, and accuses Palestinians of acting in order to gain international sympathy.

Kashif verified the video and found it to be true but old while the allegation is misleading. Israeli Channel 13 reported the incident on 2 November 2019 stating that the video was taken at Zaiym checkpoint near the illegal Israeli settlement of “Ma’ale Adumim”. As for the details, the report said that the Israeli occupation soldiers had subjected the young man to an investigation then allowed him to go through then shot him without posing any danger.

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