A clip of a person fleeing in a white body bag and a group of young men carrying a coffin, then placing it on the ground when hearing the sound of a police patrol was widely shared on social media. This video is being republished with the claim that it is of a fake funeral for a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip.

The video comes as part of a campaign under the hashtag “Pallywood,” which casts doubt on the number of Palestinians killed and wounded in the Gaza Strip and accuses the Palestinians.

The claim: A video shows a fake funeral for a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip.

The Correction: the video from Jordan is old and dates back to the pandemic 2020.

Kashif verified the authenticity of the video and found it to be old and the claim misleading. Using the reverse search feature and searching in public sources, it was found that the video was shared on the “Hawas News” page on Facebook on 23 March 2020 with the title, “A fake funeral in one of the regions of Jordan to break the curfew. The dead person’s soul returned after hearing the voice of the patrol.”

“Region and Chouf Gateway” page on Facebook shared the video on 25 March 2020 with the title, “In Jordan, they tried to break the curfew, so they faked a fake funeral, and when the
police arrived, they all fled until the dead.”

Kashif also found that journalist Daline Mahrat had commented on the clip during the “follow up” program on the Orient News channel on YouTube on 25 March 2020 titled “A fake funeral in Jordan to break the curfew ignites the mockery of tweeters on social media platforms.”

Source of verification Source of claim
حواس الاخبارية – Hawas News

بوابة الاقليم والشوف – Alshowf portal

أورينت نيوز – Orient

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