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Old photo of a person wearing white Body bag republished as photo of a Gazan pretending to be dead

A photo of a person in a white body bag circulated on social media claiming to be a citizen from Gaza pretending to be dead. Indicating that the bodies of killed Palestinians in white coffins are untrue.

The claim was published as part of a campaign with the hashtag “Pollywood” which casts doubt on the number of Palestinians killed and injured during the Israeli war on Gaza, accusing Palestinians of acting to gain international sympathy.

The claim: A photo of a citizen from Gaza while pretending to be dead.

The correction: Old photo circulates on social media using different context.

Kashif was able to identify that the photo is old and misleading. Through reverse search tools and search in public sources Kashif found that the photo was shared on different pages, including Mr Hamza on Facebook on 29 May 2023 titled, “When you’re dead but you forgot to delete your call log”, and Electrical MEMES Facebook page on 5 August 2023 with the title, “When you’re dead but you forgot to tell your boss”, and user account “Said Hussein Intizar” on X on 20 June 2023 titled, “When you’re dead but you forgot to delete your camera roll”.

The Israeli war on Gaza has resulted so far in the killing of over 7028 Palestinians and the wounding of 14,484 according to the latest update by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Source of verification Source of claim
Mr Hamza

Electrical MEMES

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