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Misleading video claims an attempt to assassinate Mahmoud Abbas

A video of armed men around a vehicle with the claim it’s an assassination attempt of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas went viral on social media, and was shared by mainstream media quoting Israeli newspaper Israel Hayoum that “Palestinian security services thwarted an attempt to assassinate President Abbas”

Kashif verified the claim and the video found that it is misleading. In fact is of Palestinian security services clashing with a wanted man on Tuesday in front of Al-Jalazon refugee camp near Ramallah, according to a statement by Palestinian security service spokesperson, Talal Dwaikat.

Kashif looked into Israel Hayom newspaper and found that it reported that the Palestinian security tightened the guard on Abu Mazen, and without mentioning any information about an assassination.

Correspondent of Palestinian affairs in the Israeli channel 12, Sabir Lipkin, denied in a tweet the news of an attempted assassination of Abbas.

Source of verification Source of claim
Israel Hayom Newspaper

Correspondent of Palestinian affairs in the Israeli channel 12

Wafa News Agency
علي الدلابيح


إيدي كوهين

سمير محاميد

Mohammad Esrewa

وليد المجالي ابو شوق

Enas A Jaber

Yazan Raie

عاطف النجار

Farid Abd El Aty

Remaz Klel 

فراس القاضي

عالم جديد “الاحتياطية”

موقع كنوز نت

مخراز تل السلطان

Enas A Jaber

Dr.Sam Youssef Ph.D.,M.Sc.,DPT
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