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Misleading translation of a woman talking about taking her son’s corpse in front of the Israel army in Gaza

Users on social media shared a video of a woman in Gaza with the following caption: “Gazan woman tells her truth AFTER the Israel Defence Force helped her to escape”.

The video’s subtitles were: “Don’t believe, every day they only shot. didn’t rest. IDF infantry, get inside searching for terrorists. Who hide and the Jews against them. I don’t feel like dying. We tried to escape, they (Hamas) forced us to stay here. Said they will slaughter my belly, slaughter me if I’ll escape. And that’s it. And we stuck here, Ibrahim Ad. Why? Like this for 30 days now. We are prisoners of Hamas. It’s forbidden to say that name. I prefer Jews. Why who will take care of me”.

Kashif verified the video and found the translation to be misleading. The woman is in fact talking about the circumstances of her taking her son’s body from the Israeli army-blocked Nistreem area, without caring whether the army would kill her. She identified her son by his belt and phone.

Source of verification Source of claim
the original videoRonen

Vlad Ashur

Michal Zach

Gabriel BJ

Netanel Baruch

Uncut Version International

Darth Intra

Gedaliah Borvick

Kemi Owonibi

Sir Issac Newton 
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