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Misleading information published by “9TV Network” claims that Hamas dissected an Israeli pregnant woman’s body and took the fetus out to die slowly

9TV Network’s editor published a tweet on X, formerly Twitter, claiming that “A pregnant woman in Southern Israel was found by Hamas terrorists. They dissected her body. Her stomach was cut open and they took the fetus out with the umbilical cord. And let the unborn child die slowly out of his mother’s womb. This is what inhuman savages Hamas do to people.”

The claim: Hamas dissected an Israeli pregnant woman’s body and took the fetus out to die slowly

The Correction: Misleading information about Hamas dissecting a pregnant woman and killing her fetus

Kashif Observatory’s Hebrew specialist team was able to determine that the claim is fake through a search in Israeli media and news networks and international media.

While several media outlets reported “horrific scenes and cases of killing of civilians”, this incident was never mentioned. The “9TV Network” editor also did not provide any evidence, photo, or eyewitness to prove the validity of the claim.

When Kashif conducted its search for the origin of the story, it found that it was mentioned in the context of the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 1982. According to a report prepared by “Arab News” on the 40th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, the witness to the Sabra massacre, Umm Abbas, confirmed that she witnessed what happened to Palestinian women, including their killing and removing fetuses from their bodies. 

This was also confirmed by Nihad, a Sabra and Shatila massacre survivor, in a report by “Medical Aid for Palestinians”, as she tried to prevent the Israeli forces from killing her 20 year-old sister at the time who was in her eighth month of pregnancy, “but they killed her and they took her baby out of her stomach,” Nihad said.

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood which was launched by Al-Qasam Brigades on 7th October 2023, is ongoing, the brigades were able to enter illegal Israeli settlements in the Gaza enclave which resulted in the death of 1300 Israelis, while the Israeli occupation army has launched a war one the Gaza Strip killing 2329 Palestinians and wounding around 9042 according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health latest update.

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