Accounts on “X” published videos showing the injury of journalist Amr Manasrah, with the following claim: “Just remaindering you, the court in The Hague is judging based on these fake videos: a journalist who slipped to the floor and was immediately surrounded by dozens of cameras, and claims that Israel shot him.”

Kashif verified the claim and found it to be misleading. Kashif contacted journalist Amr Manasrah, explained that he was injured in the thigh area after the Israeli occupation soldiers shot him while he was covering the invasion of the city of Jenin and its camp yesterday, on Tuesday 22 May 2024.

Manasrah told Kashif that he was covering in front of the entrance to the Jenin camp with a group of press crews wearing press uniforms. Manasrah added that the journalists tried to go to another area, where they moved in masse under the eyes of the Israeli occupation soldiers who were present in front of the entrance to Al-Amal Hospital near Al-Qadi Mosque, but the soldiers opened fire at them directly and intensely, which led to his injury.

Kashif’s team found several video clips published by local and Arab media showing the moment he was injured from different angles.

The director of Jenin Governmental Hospital, Dr. Wissam Bakr, told Kashif that journalist Amr Manasra was hit by shrapnel in the upper thigh area. He was admitted to the hospital’s emergency department and received the necessary examinations and pictures, and his injury was described as minor.

Media outlets also documented scenes of journalists being targeted and direct live bullets being fired at them by the Israeli occupation army and them taking shelter in the vicinity of Jenin Governmental Hospital.

Note: This piece was updated by adding pictures and hyperlinks for the sources of claim and verification throughout the text.

Source of verification
Source of claim
الصحفي عمرو مناصرة

الدكتور وسام بكر

فلسطين بوست 

العربي – أخبار 

Roya News

PalestineTV تلفزيون فلسطين
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Al Jazeera Mubasher قناة الجزيرة مباشر





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