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Israeli army spokesperson publishes a Syrian regime bombing in Idlib claiming it an Israeli army strike against Gaza

Avichay Adraee, the Israeli army spokesperson, published a video of a bombing claiming it shows the Israeli army’s bombing of the Gaza Strip. The video was captioned with a quote from the Quran, “And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them”, along with the following hashtags: #Hamas_under_fire #Iron_swords.

The claim:
The video shows the Israeli army’s bombing of the Gaza Strip.

The correction:
Video credit goes to journalist Ahmad Rahal, showing airstrikes and bombing of Jericho city in Idlib on 7 October 2023

Kashif verified that the video belongs to Syrian journalist Ahmad Rahal, and was published on 7th October 2023, referring to the bombing and airstrikes of the Syrian regime on the city of Jericho in Idlib.

Rahal can be seen in the video reporting on the targeted areas; the part Adraee omitted.

Rahal was reporting from what seemed like a highland, and buildings and broad green areas could be seen behind him, which is not the nature of Gaza, Kashif was also able to verify that the video was actually not from the Gaza strip.

Cities and towns in northern west Syria have witnessed a military escalation by the Syrian regime and Russia since 5 October 2023, which led to the killing and wounding of tens of civilians, and the displacement of tens of thousands.

Source of verficationSource of claim
Ahmad RahalAvichay Adraee

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