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Behind the scenes of Russian rapper Husky’s video clip reposted as of the “Pallywood” campaign

X account “Effy” shared a video clip of a person smoking, surrounded by bags resembling corpses, with the following caption: “Nothing to see here, just a man in a body bag smoking.”

The claim spread as part of the “Pallywood” campaign, which casts doubt on the numbers of Palestinians killed and wounded in Gaza and accuses them of falsifying their deaths for international sympathy.

Kashif verified the video and found it to be old and the claim misleading. The video was originally posted by the “vasyaivanovdesign” account on TikTok on 28 March 2021, titled: “Filming a Husky Video – Never, never.” Four other video clips from the same location were posted during March and April of 2021. “Ivanov” identifies himself as a production designer.

Further investigation revealed that the clip featuring the Russian rapper Husky was originally published on 26 September 2020, on the “Хаски” channel on YouTube, titled: “Husky – Never, never.”

Kashif team found a match between the behind-the-scenes footage posted by “Ivanov” and the clip featuring the rapper Husky. The description of the clip clarified that the production designer was “Vasya Ivanov”.

Kashif had previously verified the same clip on 13 March 2022, with the claim being that the clip was related to “Russian soldiers’ corpses published by Ukrainian media.”

Source of verificationSource of claim

(1) vasyaivanovdesign

(2) vasyaivanovdesign

(3) vasyaivanovdesign

(4) vasyaivanovdesign

(5) vasyaivanovdesign

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