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A video clip of citizens trying to rescue an injured woman lying on the ground is being reposted as part of the “Pallywood” campaign

Social media accounts reposted a video of citizens trying to evacuate an injured woman lying on the ground, suggesting that it was a staged scene as part of the “Pallywood” campaign, which casts doubt on the existence and number of Palestinian killed and wounded in the Gaza Strip, and accuses them of faking their injuries and death. The video was captioned with: “Pallywood at its best again.”

Kashif verified the video and found it true. However, the claim is misleading. Abdullah Al-Dali, who shot the video, confirmed to Kashif that the video was from Al-Shuhadaa Street in the middle of the Al-Rimal neighbourhood in Gaza City. Al-Dali added that the woman who appeared in the video is the mother of Muhammad Akila, who was shot by an Israeli sniper and then died after bleeding for an hour.

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