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2018 video of a man moving in a shroud republished as Palestinians faking their death

Social media accounts posted a video of a young man wearing a shroud, body bag, and moving with the following caption,
“#Pallywood is the place in #Gaza where Hamas terrorists suddenly return to life.
It seems Allah is working 7/24 and bringing Terrorist back to life.” Claiming that Palestinians are falsifying their deaths in Gaza.

The claim was shared as part of the “Pallywood” campaign, which questions the existence and number of Palestinians killed and wounded in the Gaza Strip and accuses Palestinians of acting in order to gain international sympathy.

Kashif verified the authenticity of the video and found it to be old. The video was published on 21 May 2018 on YouTube titled, “The Soldier from the Dead / Dirilen Asker” a scene in a series filmed in Istanbul.

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İstanbul’lu İsa Kısa Film Dizisi

İstanbul’lu İsa Kısa Film Dizisi

Little mel


Jenny Ren

Mr. Peabody

Robert van Uncle 

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