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2013 Image of a tunnel between Egypt and Gaza republished as current

Israeli journalist Edy Cohen shared an image of men carrying KFC meals on his account on X, with the claim “The world is boycotting the West, and Hamas’s ISIS members are eating western products”.

The claim: the world is boycotting the west, and Hamas’s ISIS members are eating Western products.

The correction: The image is old and of a tunnel between Egypt and Gaza taken in 2013

Kashif verified that the image was misleading. Through reverse search tools and search in public sources, kashif found that the photo was published on 15 May 2013 by the New York Times in a report titled, “Delivering Kentucky through tunnels isn’t easy but it’s satisfying.”

Wissam Nassar took the photo for the New York Times, it was published with the caption: “Smugglers transporting Kentucky meals to Gaza from Egypt. Palestinians pay about $27 for 12 pieces of chicken.”

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The new york times


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